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How to deal with Cancer, By Lee Cowap and Mis Perception

Please note that the information provided below is partly sourced through extensive research of the subject(s) and partly through direct experience of the supplements listed. 

When you scrape under the surface of the NHS, and the cancer 'industry' in general, that you begin to realise it's all driven by £££ and not the wellbeing of the patient.

The first thing to realise is that beating it is a 4 pronged attack:

1, Starve the cancer cells and kill them off - The FIRST thing you should do is cut ALL sugar out of your diet as cancer cells need sugar to survive, without it they die. It might be hard work checking labels all the time but it really is a must.
Also take the H2o2 to create an oxygenised environment, cancer cells can only live in an anaerobic environment.
2, Kill the cells directly - This is B17 and Bicarb of soda, both directly kill the cells. The B17 I will send you a link of where to buy the apricot kernals from, and another link as to how to take the bicarb. You need to take the bicarb with molasses, which are basically a sugar substitute. This is so the cancer cells respond to the molasses and open up, then the bicarb enters the cells and neutralises them, rendering them harmless.
3, Detox your body - One of the main causes of cancer is toxicity of the body. This can be mercury, aluminium, barium, lead, parasites, fungus, bacteria, the list is endless....
4, Build up your immune system - Once the first three are up and running your immune system will be able to do the rest and finish it off, if you strengthen it enough. 

The key to it is positivity, and if you carry out the above and keep a positive mind then over 90% of people who undertake alternative cancer treatments the right way cure themselves, (FACT you won't hear from the docs). Well their body does, given the right environment to do it. Docs are told to offer only THREE treatments, surgery, chemo and radiotherapy and that's it. Can you believe after all these years the best they can do is offer to either slash you, poison you or microwave you. (great info - although it says you can use in conjunction with chemo/radio therapy - I would recommend exercising great caution when deciding to use these treatments as they're very damaging to your immune system... dangerous - see below).

Supplements known to effectively tackle Cancer

B17, or Laetrile as it's sometimes called. This can be found in Apricot Kernals and apple seeds. You can buy large pots of Apricot Kernals (which are the seeds in the middle of the apricot stones) for about £5 from health food shops. It will state on there not to take more than 2 a day but some cancer sufferers have taken anything up to 50 a day to beat it, with no ill effects. (Lee has taken 10 a day for months now and still do and it's done him no harm). Mother nature doesn't generally produce edible poisons, unlike the pharmaceutical companies, who put pressure on government so that health food shops (misintentionally) misinform the public, e.g. in the case of apricot kernals. 

Bicarbonate of soda - Get it from Bobby's Health Store on the net as is much better quality than supermarket (as with everything!). Try to buy organic and aluminium free stuff from somewhere at the very least. 

Hydrogen peroxide (H202) therapy (I take this every day - ebook link below). Make sure you use filtered water with this and follow the guide). You can buy it on Ebay if you're in the UK. See details below. 

Chlorella and spirulina combination, or Maca
(Rainforest foods online) - in tablet form 180 x 400g, 6-8 per day. Great immune booster. This might be more palatable than the chlorella powder my friend mentioned in his other email.

Lapacho tea (Pau D'arco)
- excellent immune booster has been known to cure cancer ALONE (buy from Rio Amazon online, supplement strength).

Vitamin D - DLux spray, buy on line take 5 sprays per day at once. Vitamin D3, also known as good old sunlight, helps beat cancer by kickstarting your immune system into top gear, which then in turn kills the cells itself. As we don't get much sunlight in Manchester, even in summer, then the next best thing is to use a sunbed. All the rubbish about sunbeds being bad for you was started by the cancer industry, as the UVB rays cause the body to produce Vitamin D, which kickstarts a chain reaction which boosts your whole system. Cancer rates are much lower in parts of the world that are warmer.  Or just go on holiday somewhere hot!! A common theme you'll find through all your research is the suppression of cheap, natural cures by mainstream medicine, in favour of using pharmaceutical drugs, which is all profit driven.

You can also get Vitamin D3 oral spray, but as ever you need to take way above the recommended dosage, which is always set too low as to be ineffective. This will do you no harm whatsoever.

Also VERY important is Vitamin C megadosing - MUST use powder. Ascorbic acid is the best type. You can buy online, avoid high street stores - content is rubbish. Take a flat teaspoon (3g) of this x three per  day but bear in mind this can upset the bowell which is not dangerous but annoying, your body must develop a tolerance to it and then you can increase the dosages further. All humans are vit c deficient as we lack a gene (as opposed to animals) which produces it naturally in times of stress or illness. When we are ill we use 100g a day of it and if we don't have that from our food (unlikely) we must replenish it elsewhere. It cleanses the liver and kidneys and is important in curing any illness. - avoid taking an hour before or after H202 as the two can react together - they are perfectly safe and a good combination just not at the exact same time (see below under H202).

With Hydrogen peroxide 35% it is best to take a vitamin E supplement/eat nuts or something vit E rich, and probiotics daily - Udo is the best probotic supplement. Buy 35% food grade (h202) and get yourself a litre of it as when you have Cancer you will need to take a lot more of it for an extended period. You need to take it with proper filtered water which is important, because as per the other email, chlorine in tap/bottled water takes makes the oxygen oxidise in the water and therefore it isn't as effective inside you. Also, you should only drink clean water anyway because disease thrives in an oxygen free environment and chlorine/chloride takes the oxygen out of your cells encouraging the cancer to grow. My gravity water filter is from the Nutriheal Foundation and is has twin cartridge fluoride/chloride filter. It's £124 but well worth it. they will send really quickly as well. 

Make sure with h202 you don't take it at the same time as vitamin C (leave it at least an hour between) and the same goes for food because the h202 can oxidise in your tummy with bacteria from the food so leave it at least an hour. You need to get a dropper bottle (atleast 50ml) off ebay to administer it and don't touch the stuff without diluting it first as it will oxidise on your skin and burns a little. It won't harm you at all but it goes white and stings! I take it every day @ 10 drops per day every morning - this is the maintenance dose, make sure you follow the guide for the first month on how much to take daily. Or find me on Facebook: Mis Perception, and I'm happy to discuss what I did. Highly recommend reading the ebooks available for this product though. It will tell you about the 3% solution and it's many uses also.

Ebook available at:

The most important thing to realise is that beating Cancer is a holistic approach encompassing every part of your lifestyle and body. The reason we get it is because it it's occurred over time as there has been a breakdown internally somewhere, so there's no one thing to take or do to beat it. Cancer is just your bodies way of flagging up there is an issue somewhere, and conventional medicine just treats the symptom i.e attacks the tumour etc.. and not WHY it occurred in the first place. Address that and it'll never come back; just beat the tumour or cancer cells into submission for a bit and they'll come back eventually as the root cause hasn't been dealt with.

Most, if not all, of the below you will not find from your doctor or specialist as it's not their job to treat the causes, just the symptoms, and cancer is BIG business for the pharmaceutical mafia.


There are three major themes running through which need to be addressed before you start on the alternative 'cures'.

The first is that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, and most of us are acidic internally due to the foods we eat, liquids we drink and the lifestyle we lead. Therefore the first objective is to get your internal pH level back to where it should be, which is around 7.365. You can buy pH strips on ebay to check yourself.
The most alkaline substance we have at our disposal is simple (aluminium free) Bicarbonate of Soda (see below website at the bottom)which has a pH level of 14 and taken daily, with natural honey or molasses to get it into your bloodstream quicker, will help regulate your levels. People have beaten cancer wtih just this on it's own it's so effective, but it's rare so best combine it with a whole approach. Using it with organic, unpasteurised, apple cider vinegar helps it ten fold.

You need to combine this with an alkaline diet as well, with what you eat as important and damaging as what you don't eat. See attached

The second point is that all cancer cells feed on sugar, and if you deprive them of this then they die off. Simple but true. So cutting out all sugar and sugar-related products is another vital point. Note that most fruit is full of sugar, (albeit natural but cancer cells don't differentiate between refined and natural) so bear that in mind. Use alternatives like Xylitol and Stevia if you need to sweeten things. See attached.

The third is that cancer cells cannot survive in an oxygenated environment, so the objective is to get as much oxygen into your body as possible. Their are three main ways to do this, all of which I do myself;
The first is the water you drink, so get a water filter that filters out the chlorine in our tap water as chlorine reduces the oxygen content in water.
The second (and more important) is to get a shower filter which again eliminates the chlorine, as having a 10 minute shower is the equivalent of drinking a gallon of chlorinated water, through absorption through the pores.
You could get a whole house filter to, but that's a bit more expensive.
Third is to take hydrogen peroxide (as above). You won't hear this from your doctor or cancer specialist as this product alone helps to cure most degenerative diseases, and the last thing the multi billion pound cancer industry wants is a cure.

Also regular exercise to help lung capacity is another way to get more oxygen into your blood supply.

Cancer is also said to be simply a fungus as it shares many a similarity with simple candida, nothing to do with fancy DNA and gene research, which again, is a money spinner. So to follow a yeast-free candida diet (which I did for three months earlier this year and cured every minor ailment I had) helps to eliminate the fungus and hence the cancer dies off.

One point of note is that over 90% of cancer doctors themselves would not have chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which tells you all you need to know about their effectiveness.
One website which I would highly recommend is one in which one man, on finding his young son had advanced cancer, set out on a mission to research all natural ways to beat it, and as his son made a full recovery from a very aggressive form of cancer, he devoted a website to telling everyone else out there about all the products he used, and lists them all. A lot of the products I mentioned above you can get here. Excellent website, and proof that going alternative actually works.

You'll need to detoxify yourself from all heavy metals as well as every one of us is a walking cancer timebomb with the amount of aluminium, mercury, lead etc...we have in our system. One product I use weekly now is Bentonite clay, to bathe in and internally. Diatomaceaous Earth does the same job (see other blog post).

Another pollutant is mercury (amalgam/silver fillings) and aluminium (anti-perspirant deodarants) poisoning, which we all have to a certain extent.

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