Monday, 4 April 2011

Mis Perception's health/supplement routine


Hi all. I wanted to share my health routine because I have been in great health since I started this (after the initial detox and expellation of toxins that is!).

Many people without being aware of it suffer from yeast overgrowth in their bodies thanks to a diet of convenience/processed food, overload of sugar in almost eveything and antibiotics. Side affects include: mood swings, headaches, depression, skin conditions, allergies, bloating, digestion complaints, congestion, yeast infections and.... cancer. I realised I had this problem so I cut out yeast, wheat, gluten, most sugar and dairy (another unsung nasty). Now I only eat natural unprocessed foods. Sounds dull but on the contrary, it's made me inventive. My food tastes great and I use many herbs to flavour it cooking: See the below link for ideas on that.

I now eat organic food wherever possible to avoid the toxic pesticides and genetically modified food that saturates the market. It's not as cheap but it's worth it...

I've replaced sugar with Xylitol which you can find in health food stores, it's a natural sweetener found in trees which tastes and looks the same as sugar but with less than half the calories, a fraction of the available carbs and metabolises differently to sugar so does not spike insulin levels; best of all it actually prevents acid attack on teeth and fights yeast.

As a result I have: No headaches, no bloating, no indigestion, clear skin (FINALLY), more energy and I've lost the best part of a stone in weight. Of course the below supplements play a part in my good health also...


HYDROGEN PEROXIDE (H202): Food grade hydrogen peroxide is converted into oxygen by the body (something we forget we are made of!). Almost everyone has cellular oxygen deficiency due to the toxins in the diet, atmosphere and water supplies. This allows disease to set in, as it can't in the presence of oxygen. You must know what you are doing before taking this so please contact me for an ebook if planning to use it. I take probiotic yoghurt with this to balance good bacteria and also eat vitamin E rich foods like Brazil nuts, which help the body make better use of the oxygen. I use 3% topical mix of the Hydrogen Peroxide as a skin tonic and mouth wash (it whitens my teeth and protects from cavities etc).

DIATOMACEOUS EARTH (food grade): This powerful detoxifier is a huge dose of silica which strengthens skin, hair, nails, bones, joints, cleanses the bowell and arteries, carries heavy metals out of the system (a major problem we all have but are mostly unaware of thanks to diet, packaging materials, fillings, polluted fish, deodourants and chemtrails.. etc!).

CHLORELLA AND SPIRULINA COMBO: This combination contains almost all of the vitamins, minerals, nurients and all 8 amino acids a human being needs. It contains more of the above than any food available and it's said that you can survive on it alone for months - not that you'd try! Chlorella also binds heavy metals and removes them from the body.

PAU D'ARCO TEA (LAPACHO): This is derived from tree bark in the amazon and is a great immune boosting antifungal tea. This is great for people with yeast symptoms and skin complaints.

VITAMIN C POWDER (ASCORBIC ACID): A poweful antioxidant, taken in powder form this is an excellent and necessary immune system booster. We often don't get enough of it in our diets. Don't take it in tablet form as dosages are often too small and the padding ingredients have undesirables in them (especially from high street stores).

VITAMIN D SPRAY: The other major deficiency in humans, especially in the UK, is vitamin D which comes from the Suns UV rays. Most people feel in better health during the summer sunshine months - ever wonder why? It is hard to supplement in foods because it is broken down in digestion and doesn't make it through the process. When in an oil based spray it can be better processed by the body and improves the following:
* Heart health * Cell formation and cell longevity * Skin health * Pancreatic health * Aging process * Sleep patterns * Hearing * Reproductive health * Athletic performance * Eye health * Vascular system health * Respiratory health * Immune health * Healthy mood and feelings of well-being * Weight management, including carbohydrate and fat metabolisism * Hair and hair follicles* Strong and healthy bones, because vitamin D encourages calcium uptake * Muscles * Proper digestion and food absorption


SKINCARE: I use pure coconut oil as a face and body moisturiser and I never wear perfume, I use essential oils only. I buy organic product from the internet such as facewash, shampoo, conditioner, deodourant etc. I use fluoride free toothpaste.

GRAVITY WATER FILTER: I use a twin cartridge fluoride/chloride removing gravity water filter from the Nutriheal Foundation to remove all the crap from my drinking water, which I take my supplements with, as it's important not to use contaminated water with H202/DE.

If anyone is interested in trying the above and wants to discuss, please come and find me on facebook (Mis Perception). Also, if anyone wishes to try out my diet please let me know and I will send you my shopping list!

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