Monday, 4 April 2011

A synopsis on successfully maintaining your health and why we believe you must choose natural options over pharmaceutical, by Dominic

In today’s society, conventional allopathic medicine is big business but it is fast becoming second choice for many enlightened people. The tide of change is on the wind as the compartmentalised education system that teaches the rich to get richer and the poor to stay much the same is slowly breaking down. If this system does not adapt to the new paradigm, it may becoming obsolete along with the Pharmaceutical industry in the next few years. The Internet has enabled any man/woman or child to gain access to unlimited amounts of free, truthful information on any subject you care to mention. Secrets & facts long hidden away purposely from the general public have now become common knowledge and slowly the world is becoming conscious and unplugged from the deeply routed control system that’s been in place to enslave its minds for nearly three hundred years & possibly far longer.

A major part of this old prehistoric and deeply routed system is the medical industry. Lets face it, medicine has made curing disease such a hopelessly complex issue. The Pharmaceutical industry is now feeling the grip of truth choking its flabby jowl’s as more and more people become enlightened & empowered to the myriad of previously hidden cures and remedies for many so ailments & diseases, many of which are still classed as incurable by the powers that be (TPTB)

The tide of positive change is flowing freely now with a vengeance, as the world becomes aware and enlightened as never before to the amazing power & strength of our immune system. This coupled with the creative power of our minds & positive thought & collective consciousness that we are all part of but many unfortunately don’t even know exists.

Health is really a state of mind. Healthy mind healthy body as the saying goes. We believe that if one has the correct information ingrained into our memory’s so that each day that passes you are ‘conscious’ of what you are eating and what happens to it once its inside you, you will then be on the correct path towards a constant happy healthy life. The alternative is to stay in the dark, eat what you want when you want without understanding the consequences’ and later in life becoming yet another part of the statistics with constant visits to your local doctor and then very likely some form of degenerative disease setting in later in life which will kill you slowly (quite possibly with help from dangerous drugs or surgery via your doctor or a health professional) or at the very least give you a very low unhappy quality of life into old age. We believe that this is completely unnecessary and easily avoidable in this day and age as long as everyone has access to this information and of course a good healthy source of food.

Something I was quite shocked to discover a couple of years ago was that during a Doctor's seven years of intense medical school training, they are taught virtually nothing on the subject of nutrition and its relation to our health and wellbeing. Nor are they taught any basic Bio-Chemistry which is the study of chemical processes in living organisms! How can this be so?
Think about this for a moment. Doctors are not taught about the chemical processes in the human body. 

Our bodies are made from over fifty trillion individual cells. Cells are the basic unit of structure & function of all living things. Each cell in the body is made up from 70% Water (H2o2) with a phosphorous/lipid (Oil or fat as EFA essential Fatty Acids) outer layer called the membrane.
Each of these individual cells are in constant communication with one and other and as they are microscopic life forms, each have their own internal organs, energy, reproductive & nervous systems just like the person each of them are part of YOU.

A human living organism can be understood as a whole through the understanding of the collective activities and interactions of each of its cells. So it makes perfect sense that if each cell is kept in tip top prime health, thus enabling it to function correctly, it then makes perfect sense that the same will occur in the Human being they are part of. This process can be achieved with a healthy nutritious diet and an avoidance of everyday unnecessary toxins.

Knowing these facts, one needs to ask certain important questions like, why is it that doctors are solely taught only how to treat the symptoms caused by disease. Would it not be more productive understanding, finding and CURING or preventing the route cause of the symptoms of all disease in the 1st place? Why is Biochemistry not taught to doctors?  Why in the USA is the word ‘cure’ banned from being used by anyone selling health-based products.
Why is disease constantly on the up even though literally billions are spent on medical research yearly but the death figures keep getting higher not lower?

The answer to these questions that is staring us in the face is simply put, all down to greed, money and control. The Medical industry is a multi Billion dollar business and the truth is that it wants to keep as many sick customers as it can. The pharmaceutical Giants are all profit-based corporations. That means that money and profits come first at the expense of everyone and everything else! 

The good news is that once you learn and understand the facts, you will be able to do as millions of other informed people around the western world are currently doing and start to ‘Think outside the box’. You will, with the right information be able to heal your selves or prevent any sickness in the 1st place by using the most obvious & effective method or tool available to us all, by using the food you eat to prevent and even cure disease.

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